5 things You Need To Request From Your Website Designer in 2023

5 things You Need To Request From Your Website Designer in 2023

5 things You Need To Request From Your Website Designer in 2023

5 things You Need To Request From Your Website Designer in 2023

Recently someone I didn’t know gave me a call about wanting to redesign her website. She was actually referred by a satisfied client of mine. She even mentioned it to me that she wants the exact magic I did on that website (Her friend, my client) for her.

We had to move the phone call to a zoom meeting almost immediately (I do this a lot so they can see the face behind the brand)

As we got talking trying to figure out what her goals were for wanting a website redesign. We kept talking until we both agreed on set goals that her website will play in her overall business objective.

I always check any website I’ll be working on. I checked the website I quickly identified what needs improvement. It was at that time that I requested the cPanel and WordPress login details.

What happens next will shock you.

She couldn’t produce it.

She said all her online asset is in the hand of her web developer. Apparently, this guy had helped her to register the domain and hosting. He controls everything. She doesn’t even know where her website is hosted. All she cares about is that her website is working and emails are working.

So she got on the call with this guy. To cut the long story short, he refused to hand over the Cpanel login details. He cited that the hosting is shared hosting and that he has other clients’ websites on the same hosting and he can’t give out the login details.

It become a fight between both of them and we had to reschedule the zoom meeting for another day.

She’s yet to get back to me till now

Many people have had this experience and it’s a result of being ignorant and not doing thorough research.

If you’ve not experienced this, please pay attention and make a screenshot of what I’ll be writing next.

Here are 5 important things you need to get from your web developer right now:

  1. Get Access to your Domain (Register with or request that your email be used instead)
  2. Access to hosting account (Do the same thing as above)
  3. Request for your website cPanel and unrestricted access to your web hosting backend
  4. WordPress login details (If you’re using a WordPress website)
  5. Access to Google webmaster tools (Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Ads, etc) if any.

This here will save you stress.

Better still register all of this yourself and grant access to whoever wants to work on your website.

When they’re done, restrict access by changing login details

This way you are safe.

Think about this for a moment

 What if your web developer drops dead or is incapacitated? What will happen to your online business?

Think about it.

Now that you know, go and request for it now.

Call your web developer – now!

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