<strong>Personal Brand Website</strong>

Personal Brand Website

<strong>Personal Brand Website</strong>

Personal Brand Website

A personal brand website is very different from every other website. Quite different from local businesses, eCommerce, or content-led businesses.

Every business’s long-term goal is to sell its products or services; however, to achieve this with a personal brand website your goal will be to nurture relationships with your audience. This is the core difference between a personal brand website and every other website out there.

As a personal brand website, everything you do counts as it is geared towards helping your audience KLT you (know, like, and trust you).

You are the product. It doesn’t matter what you sell

Your personality, your depth, your story, your voice. is what defines a great personal brand website, not the product

The truth is, with a personal brand website, customers aren’t even buying a product or service, they are buying into a story, a personality, and a promise. This can only happen if you’ve established industry authority and credibility.

3 Basic Call-To-Action (by industry) A Personal Brand Website Should Have

In this article, we’ll explore how to actually build an effective personal branding website, section by section.

We’ll still learn from real-life examples, but the goal of this article is to help you feel confident creating your own successful website to promote your personal brand business or simply contract your website project to me and my team.

Let’s get started!

  1. Industry Experts (Social media and online business experts)

These people have invested years into learning and navigating a specific industry. Their brands focus on a freemium teaching model – publishing regular free content, and offering paid courses or products. Other revenue channels might include affiliate sales, workshops, and even sponsorships.

These Industry experts often create content marketing with a powerful email marketing strategy. Growing their mailing is essential to them more than anything.

Important Features

Common Calls-to-action: Digital products, podcasts, mailing lists, online courses

  • Authors & Artists (Writers, artists, and musicians)

These sets of people usually focus more on their body of work, rather than their personality. Some artists are industry experts or celebrities – and many writers offer workshops and courses.


Common Calls-to-action: Buy books, mailing list, Play now, Free download

  • Consultants and Coaches

Coaches and consultants use their personal brands to offer professional services to individuals or groups.

Personal trainers, lawyers, language tutors, dating gurus, homeopathic spiritual healers… we’re not here to pass judgment.

These services often operate in saturated markets, making it impossible to compete on price or product alone. Many coaches and consultants build a powerful personal brand to stand out from the crowd.


Common Calls-to-action For Coaches: Mailing list, app download, online shop, digital products, articles,

Common Calls-to-action For Online personal trainer, film actor training: Online courses, articles

Common Calls-to-action For Productivity coach: Quiz, coaching, speaking, podcast, consultation, articles

What should your personal website include?


Your home page or index page is the first door to your brand presence online. It sets expectations, showcases your best work, and often time guides new visitors to navigate your website and take certain actions.


Your About page is the perfect place to share your journey of transformation as it relates to your audience. Not just that, but tell them why they should trust you with their money.

It’s your opportunity to help them to relate to you, both as a person and a professional in your industry.

Adding an opt-in form here to grow your mailing list is advisable.


If you offer professional services, it can be your main method of collecting customer leads. If you offer products, it can offer potential opportunities outside your usual sales channels, such as sponsorships, joint ventures, speaking gigs, and more.

Think about how you want different types of people to contact you.

Shop / Courses / Services

This page helps visitors to discover your products and services.

Listed below are product/service pages you can create depending on your product, here are some ideas:

  • Showcase your courses using a course platform.
  • Integrate a full shopping cart system, like WooCommerce
  • Sell access to a paid community,
  • Membership 0r Mentoring Page
  • List you services you offer
  • Sell individual products through a payment gateway.

Even if you offer offline services (e.g. personal fitness training), your personal branding website should still feature content that explains your product in detail and offers a compelling call to action.

Portfolio / Events / My Work

If your clients need to be first reassured by an industry track record, this page is your chance to showcase your best work.

Of course, a portfolio is different for each industry.

Here are some ideas for various personal brands:

  • Consultant/ Coach / Marketing consultant … Successful client projects,
  • Speaker/Author/ … Past Speaking engagements,

A portfolio may not be relevant for your personal branding website, but it’s a key component for many consultants and coaches.


Clear, Consistent Calls-to-Action personal branding websites can use

Successful personal brands build their personal websites around a few clearly defined calls to action.

Here are some ideas:

  • Join a newsletter, to enable continued, off-site conversations.
  • Explore the blog, to further establish credibility and encourage sharing.
  • Buy a product, course, or service
  • Book speaking events or become a sponsor.
  • Book a callback or consultation
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